The Ambiance of Willy Taco, Spartanburg SC

Tonight I photographed the BMW Pro-Am Networking event at Willy Taco in Spartanburg, SC. I arrived about 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled time.  I am fortunate enough to work as a freelance photographer for Spartanburg Magazine and The Spartanburg Herald-Journal. This role as a photographer allows me to witness and document some really cool events.  I have met all sorts of wonderful people, many of whom do a lot for our local community. I’m thankful.

The chief photographer of The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Alex Hicks, sent me out to document this evening’s event.  My husband and I are avid connoisseurs of Mexican Styled cuisine. One thing that stood out to me the most about my past visits to Willy Taco were the decorations in their establishment.  I recalled being a fan of their artwork and lighting, especially. The food is equally as memorable.  Nomnomnom.

When I learned that I was being sent there to photograph a private event, I knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself when it came to playing around taking photos of the restaurant’s decor. It was a really cool experience being able to bring my camera gear into this restaurant and play. The worry about being in the way of a server or leaning over into a shot, only to put my butt in a customer’s face, was gone.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating these images 🙂


I was tempted.


Check out the little personalized section of family photos in front of the sign. 🙂

“Shem” became the agreed upon name given to this Cuerpo de Muerto.




Here’s a link to the rest of the photos I captured for The Spartanburg Herald-Journal and Spartanburg Magazine:

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