“Digital Photography Has No Soul”

I walked into Spartan Photo Center this afternoon and asked a lot of questions about film development to Mike, the store owner. He really lit up when he started talking about film. I had insecurities about developing my own film again (its been 15 years) and he really set my mind at ease and gave me the encouragement I needed to proceed.
I had a really special time this weekend at Turtle Island Preserve with friends and family. I took only my film camera and shot five rolls of film. I did not take one digital photo all weekend (no I-phone either). The documentation of our special weekend is all dependent upon whether or not I’ve still got it when it comes to film photography.
No pressure, right?
Turtle Island is an off grid learning center. There is no electricity and no plumbing. We camped in our tent after my husband, Aaron, handcrafted a bamboo hand washing station for Turtle Island.
I had a bit of anxiety, as you might expect, about THIS being the first set of film I would develop on my own after a blackout of 15 years. The importance of this film has forced me to do a lot of research and to partake in a lot of practice in preparation of the development.
Mike, at SPC, was kind enough to give me a few blank rolls of film so that I can practice loading them onto a pair of 1970’s stainless steel film reels. These reels are older than my camera (Canon AE-1 from 1979).
I chose to begin shooting and developing film again with technology older than I am. I chose to push and challenge myself to develop the film produced with that technology.
Many thanks to Spartan Photo Center for sharing in this journey I find myself on as I return to film photography.  A wise man with deep thoughts and much knowledge once told me, “Digital Photography has no soul.”
The images in this blog were shot with my (digital) Canon 5D Mark III, the Canon L-series 24-70 lens and a screw on macro filter. This digital camera may have no soul, but I’m OK with it. There is a place for both film and digital in my worldview.
I’ll look forward to sharing the final black and white images I plan to develop at home in a future blog post.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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