Spartanburg Methodist College: Meet & Greet inside Indigo Hall, Spartanburg

Each year Spartanburg Methodist College hosts a meet and greet for current and prospective students to interact with SMC staff.  The event is designed to allow students considering SMC as their college to get a better feel of what it has to offer. Parents and family members are welcome to attend the event.  Professors and administrators are available to answer questions and interact with prospective students on a one-one-one basis, outside of office hours.  This catered event took place this year inside Indigo Hall in Spartanburg, SC. Guests were able to enjoy the testimony of guest speakers who happily shared their experiences and opinions of SMC with the attendees.  This year I was asked to photograph this very special event. Smiles were everywhere and the staff of SMC was pleasant to work with. Students posed with cell phones in front of the red-carpet styled background and everyone walked away with a pretty sleek water bottle.

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