Jump Little Children at The Spinning Jenny

About 20 (*gasp!) years ago, the music of Jump Little Children spoke to me.  I heard them play live one night at the now defunct, Magnolia’s Street Pub. I fell in love.  Johnny’s handlebar mustache, a stand up bass, a cello, an accordion, Matt’s eccentric nature, a harmonica, acoustic and electric guitars, Ward’s smile, Jay’s Mysteriousness and some serious drumbeats blasted my senses.

I played their CD over and over again in my dorm room. The girls in the room next door to me would bang on the walls and tell me to turn it down.  I was too busy enjoying my own private dance party to hear them.  During those college years, I had this sweet little teal Chevrolet Cavalier convertible with a white top and white pleather interior.  If you were riding with me in that car, you were listening to Jump Little Children too. Last night, I reached the self-proclaimed peak of my career… I photographed Jump Little Children!  I’m still processing that reality.

As a photographer, I get to enjoy a healthy dose of people watching. I stood at the edge of the stage to take photos.   As I watched the faces of the fans enjoying the music, it was fairly evident that they were also reminiscing about where the music had taken them throughout the years.  The emotional-musical connection is strong.


JLC is currently recording a new album!  They’ve been touring to raise money for the album and to thank all of the fans who recently donated funds to their pledge music campaign.  You can read all about their new journey on their website,  here.

The newspaper I work for as a freelance photographer, The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, interviewed the drummer, Evan Bivins.  You can read the article here.  I also work as a freelance photographer for the newspaper’s sister, Spartanburg Magazine.  Some of my photos will be featured in the “scene” section of the upcoming magazine.

I’m certainly still on cloud 9 after having met each of the band members, one on one.  Sometimes photography does have its perks 🙂  Each of the band members are down-to-Earth artists.  They’re all easy to speak with, witty and kind.  I gave the band all of the photos I took during the concert (except for the ones which will be printed in Spartanburg Magazine) in hopes that they will be able to use them for marketing purposes and share them with their adoring fans.  Oh, what a night! 🙂


A coveted photo of myself with Jump Little Children.


Ward Williams


Matt Bivins


Evan Bivins


Jonathan Gray on stand-up bass and Jay Clifford on acoustic guitar.


The eccentric and delightful Matt Bivins contributes vocals.


His performances are often theatrical.  I love it! (Former theatre girl)


The mysterious and deep Jay Clifford often performs the vocals.


The “Say-whatever-he’s-thinking-and-make-you-laugh” Johnny Gray.


He still has the handlebar mustache.


He’s great!


… and all the ladies in the place began to drool.


So much passion.


Ward can still rip that guitar!


So cool, so talented.


Great hair, a great smile and always with the nail polish.


If you haven’t heard Matthew Bivins play harmonica, you haven’t heard cuss.


I was feelin’ it and have always been oddly entertained by Matt’s accordion.  The non-traditional instruments rock my world.


Things have changed since the early 90’s, when I became mega-fan.  Fans used to just listen to the music and dance.  Now we record and share.


Well done, guys!  Welcome back!

I also took my film camera to the concert.   I brought the film back home, wound back the film in camera, and played around with creating double exposures.  The idea was that I wanted to combine a few of my favorite things… Jump Little Children and Nature/Bamboo.  They’re odd images, but I had a blast creating them. 🙂

Wolverine CAMERAWolverine CAMERAWolverine CAMERAWolverine CAMERAWolverine CAMERA

The double-exposed film images were shot with my little black Canon AE-1 Film camera.  It’s my “new” baby.  Overall, I was pleased with the weird results 🙂  I call them my “album cover” images 🙂

Thanks for your interest in these photos 🙂



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